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Coach Lisa's VBS System® 

Unlock Your Inner Confidence: Visualize. Empower. Transform.


“The most powerful person in the world is the story teller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” - Steve Jobs

Visualization is the mental imagery training portion within Coach Lisa's VBS System. It is the lens through which we see ourselves, a mental rehearsal, a video of an upcoming performance.


The power of visualization has been around for centuries yet millions of people still do not utilize our natural born given gift of visualization.  Yet, scientific data has strongly supported the positive impacts of visualization which is why it is used today in many industries as an effective tool to enhance performance.

It starts with creating the story. If one does not create the story of what they would like to happen for themselves, they are blindly walking through life versus creating life. Setting a clear vision of what you'd like to happen for yourself is vital.


At Coach Lisa's VBS Workshops, you will learn how to create an effective VBS Success Story to elevate your self-confidence, self-certainty, and overall life experience.

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“Chin UP!” - Pat Lombardo

Body-language is such an underrated topic of discussion yet offers massive benefits to anyone and everyone who uses it to their advantage. Simply put, our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviors, and our behaviors change our outcomes.


Studies have found that presence correlates to passion, enthusiasm, confidence, authenticity, being comfortable, and captivating. A person's body language can dictate what is happening within the mind yet a person's body language can also shift what is happening in their mind.


Start to create that shift by putting your body into positions of power. Shoulders back. Chest up. Chin up. Walk tall. Smile.

At Coach Lisa's VBS Workshops, you will learn what happens to the brain when our bodies are in certain positions with interactive demos to feel the results while becoming aware of the power of body-language.


"Positive self-talk is to emotional pain as a pain pill is to physical pain.” - Miya Yamanouchi


It is no secret that the way that we talk to ourselves has a massive impact on how we feel. Instead of going into the "why" we may talk to ourselves in a negative manner, let's focus on how we'd like to talk to ourselves going forward.


It starts with becoming aware of the thoughts that come through your mind. Once we become aware, we have the power to kick in the Triple C Method: Catch, Cancel, Construct.


Catch: As a thought enters your mind that invokes a negative emotion, catch it. Visualize yourself grabbing hold of that thought within your mind. Now, we can see the thought for what it is and be ready to put it to bed. Remember, this thought is doing absolutely nothing good for you.


Now, cancel it. Cancel the thought that you caught and smile as you say goodbye to it. As you are still smiling, construct.


Construct a new thought that you would like to think. Anything that is the opposite (or off subject) of the thought you caught. 

At Coach Lisa's VBS Workshops, you will learn the Triple C Method's tools to catch the thought, cancel the thought, and construct a new thought based on systems we use to empower.

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