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Challenge U. Softball® is dedicated to enhancing the skills of our female athletes by providing them with the tools to unlock their greater potential while raising their level of self-confidence and mental toughness on and off the field.

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Limitless Slides® were developed by Coach Lisa to provide individuals with tools to become their best self, on and off of the field. Each pair of Limitless Slides come equipped with Tibahs, affirmation self-confidence inserts, giving you the power to become your best self.

Feeling insecure? Insert your I AM FEARLESS Tibahs and remind yourself that you are just that.


The Limitless Slides were developed through the VBS System®, Visualization, Body-Language, Self-Talk, for individuals to use research backed systems for self-confidence, self-awareness, and overall self-love.

Welcome To The Cult Of Confidence

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Learn the art of hitting through muscle movement for peak performance to become one of the most reputable hitting coaches in your area.


Through CUDIT, we implement eccentric and concentric muscle movement training along with mental training, through the CUDIT VBS System.

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